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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Protestant Popes

  In his commentary "The Baby and the Denominational Bathwater" Rev. Frederick W. Schmidt writes, "Spare us the pontifications of church leaders who don't want popes, but want to speak ex cathedra on countless issues."

  Rev. Schmidt refers to a particular custom practiced in the Roman Catholic branch of the universal Church, a custom that Protestant members of the universal Church criticize as being unbiblical.

  As it turns out, some Protestant ministers criticize the custom while practicing it themselves, being oblivious to their hypocrisy.

  Granted, these Protestant ministers do not openly say that they are speaking ex cathedra, but they act like they are any time someone dares to disagree with something that they preached.

  Ask yourself this question: Why should anyone believe anything that a Protestant minister says from a pulpit?

  Is it because the minister is ordained?

  Ordination by itself is no reason to believe a person who has it.

  The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "ordain" as "to invest officially (as by the laying on of hands) with ministerial or priestly authority."  In other words, ordination merely means that the person who has it has the authority to teach, preach and officiate in the organization that provided the ordination.  Ordination does not mean that everything said by an ordained person is true.

  Plenty of people are ordained, but they disagree with each other about how to properly interpret the Bible.

  A Southern Baptist minister and a Methodist minister are both ordained, but they have opposing beliefs about the proper mode of baptism.  The Baptist will claim that the Methodist is wrong, but how could the Methodist be wrong if the Methodist has been ordained?

  It is no wonder that Roman Catholic Christians are sometimes bewildered by the beliefs of their Protestant brethren.

  If Protestant ministers act like mini-popes, then why shouldn't Roman Catholic Christians remain loyal to the Roman Catholic pope? At least Roman Catholics aren't being hypocrites.

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